Real Estate - The Most Reliable Way to Get Rich and Stay Rich

Investing in real estate, with the right information, is a very sound and highly profitable way of putting your money to work. You can see and control what your money is doing.
In real estate investing, virtually all factors that will affect your investment can be examined ahead of time, meaning that your own efforts and intelligence will count heavily. It is financial intelligence, not money that makes you rich.
There are many reasons why this is a very reliable way to become rich and they are outlined below.
1 Inflation, which is a general rise in the prices of services and goods in a particular country resulting in a fall in the value of money, affects most businesses in recent times. With real estate, the adverse effects of inflation are reduced. This is because rents and property values tend to keep rising.
2 Tax Advantages is also a great benefit. With most rental properties for example, the original and little investment (even when it was not convenient) pays itself back over and over again- tax free.
3 Though properties can be damaged by natural or man made disasters or even from ageing by itself, it is still about the safest investment in the world. It can neither be stolen nor carried away. It is also insurable against such risks as natural disasters.
It is important to know however, that real estate investment also includes buying raw land but while you invest in real estate, you speculate in land.
4 There are different activities involved with real estate, and these increase by the year. Some invest just to have it as an inflation hedge, while others include it in their retirement planning which may involve buying an apartment building for income, and living in one unit while they keep the other parts for the income and profits. Most investors are in it mainly for its profits. In other words,it is an excellent investment and retirement strategy for millions of people worldwide.
It is important that a potential investor gets all the right information before he starts to invest.