Hotels For Sale - Profitable Investment

Miami hotels for sale can be your biggest investment in the city. Keep in mind that hotels are not the same with those other commercial properties in the city. They are more on hospitality and travel industry, which depend on the customer traffic. Fortunately if you are looking for such property, there are lots of them in Miami. You will see that there are lots of hotels for sale in this city.
There are lots of people who are wondering why they have to invest in Miami hotels for sale. There are lots of people who are wondering about the different advantages of investing a hotel. Actually investing your own hotel is profitable. Keep in mind that travelling never goes out of style. The hospitality industry, which includes spas, resorts and so on, that is why hotels are the thriving industry in the world. This industry relies on the tourism and the heavy influx of tourist and travelers. When you are searching for Miami hotels for sale, then you have to consider why you are entering the hotel business.
Keep in mind that there are lots of things that you need to consider when entering the hospitality industry because it is far different from other businesses. There are several risks that you need to avoid. One of the great risks that are involved with this industry is the risk of vacancy rate. This is the most serious threat that most hotel industry face nowadays. It is very important to know how to handle this situation before entering this type of industry. Despite these risks, you have to keep in mind that this hotel business carries a lot of benefits.
There are several Miami hotels for sale in the market if you are planning to enter this venture. Most of these hotels are can be found in several commercial listings or in traditional publications. You do not have to worry finding the perfect hotel because there are lots of choices that you can choose from. There are even some of them that feature wide range of amenities that make them stand among the rest. There are some that have sprawling spaces perfect for pool installation. There are also hotels that are equipped with huge parking spaces, so you do not have to worry about parking area.
Financing is one of the major considerations that you need to take care of. Miami hotels for sale do not come with a cheap price. /that is why there is a need for you to ensure that you have enough budgets to finance this huge investment. There are some investors who do not enter this venture alone. Dividing the responsibility for financing is very important. Having a partner for this venture will help you find financing a lot easier.

Your Next Best Investment: Commercial Properties

Commercial properties, like homes, also get foreclosed for the same reason; failure of loan payment. Foreclosure of commercial opens a door of opportunity for investors. Since these properties are sold at big discounts, it gives investors a chance to start a business without much spending too much.
Getting Started
Unlike, home foreclosures, foreclosed commercial properties are not well advertised. Investors need to do extra research to get the best commercial foreclosure properties on sale. Listings may be available through agents or agencies dealing with foreclosed properties.
Foreclosed properties are usually sold below their market value. Finding a commercial foreclosure properties at 50% discount is already a great find. A property at this discount rate could save you money for repairs or renovations that may be needed.
Foreclosed commercial properties are also sold through banks and the government. This would mean transactions are legal, safe and fast. Purchasing a commercial foreclosure properties is risk-free. Better yet, subscribe to an online foreclosure listings and search for the best deals conveniently.
What to Do Next
Once you have acquired your commercial property it is fairly up to you where you would like to take your business. At this point there is one thing you should think of, making profit.
Acquired commercial properties usually undergo renovation or expansion to make it more appealing to the market. After making the necessary repairs, these properties can be sold at a much higher market value.
If you are not planning on reselling your property there are still other ways to earn income. With more businesses looking for spaces to rent, you can lease or rent out your property. Leasing or renting out your property to other businesses will allow you to earn passive income.
If you are a risk taker and would like to do your own business in your acquired commercial foreclosures it would do you good. You can save up on rent and opportunities are endless. In the long run, expanding your business would be easier with all the money you can save by using your own commercial space.
In the business world it takes a lot of confidence to get what you want. Investing your money in commercial properties may just lead towards your goal.
Joseph B. Smith has been educating buyers on the finer points of commercial properties at for over ten years. Contact Joseph B. Smith through Foreclosure-Support  if you need help finding information about commercial properties.

The Best Financial Investment Advice I Have Ever Received

In today's world; where information overload abounds, many still remain average because of lack of the right information. If you turn on your T.V, radio or log on to the web, you will come across thousands of financial advisers churning out investment advice daily. Anyone can wake up tomorrow and offer advice. Even your next door neighbor can offer you some incredible financial advice, hot tips or inside information. But the sad news is that all advice are not equal; and majority of advice offered is worthless.
The world is filled with fast talking financial advisers but unfortunately; over 90% of financial advisers, financial planners and brokers don't know what they are doing. And even if they do, they don't practice what they preach. I have seen stock brokers that don't invest their own money in the stock market; they simply feed fat on clients and investors. Now tell me how such a broker will offer a tangible investment advice. I have received tons of financial and investment advice; both solicited and unsolicited. I believe you share this same predicament with me. Some of the most popular financial advice I hear every now and then include:
Go to school so you can get a good job.
Stocks is the best investment
Buy now and hold; Invest for long term.
Mutual fund is the best low risk investment.
Live below your means.
Avoid risk.
Stay away from debt. Debt is bad.
Save for the rainy day.
Don't carry all your eggs in one basket; diversify.
Don't diversify; focus.
Hedge funds are too risky.
Don't take risk. Turn your money over to a fund manager.
Avoid real estate investments. They are capital and management intensive?
This list of advises goes on and on. But it's sad to say that of all the advice I have received; only few have profited me tremendously and one of such good financial advice is this:
"Don't live below your means. Expand your means" - Rich Dad
Of the few advice that have profited me financially, I want to share with you the best financial/investment advice I have ever received. And if you must know, this advice was offered to be by my mentor; "Robert Kiyosaki." Now what was his advice?
The best financial investment advice I have ever received
"First invest in building a business. When your business produces enough cash flow, then you can begin investing in other assets." - Robert Kiyosaki
I really thank Robert Kiyosaki for giving me this piece of advice. It's the best investment advice I have ever received and this single advice has made me millions. This advice is the reason why I tag "starting a business" as the best investment opportunity with the highest return on investment. So when I am asked the question: What is the best way to invest money? My answer is usually this: "First invest in yourself; then start a business." Most people respect Warren Buffett and George Soros as great stock investors; but the truth is that stock investing did not make these men billionaires. These men became billionaires because they built mega businesses and used this business as leverage to invest in other businesses.
Today, I see many individuals going against this simple advice. I see millions of people trying to get rich by investing a part of their salary. The sad truth is that they are not going to make headway because they can only acquire limited assets using their salary. I've seen people having their investment portfolio wiped out in their bid to make a kill on the stock market. The problem with these individuals is that they are investing alone against well structured businesses with millions of dollars.
"First invest in building a business. When your business produces enough cash flow, then you can begin investing in other assets." - Robert Kiyosaki
Ever since I received this financial advice, I have concentrated my efforts on investing in building a business. And through my business, I have made couple of investments with pre-tax dollars and the banks are willing to lend me money because they can see my business system in operation. Now I am not a tax strategist or a financial adviser so it's better you consult one for better understanding on investing with pre-tax dollars.
In conclusion, the most important point I want you to remember is that building your own business is the best investment you can invest in because of the leverage it offers. Yet, it's the riskiest investment because of the high failure rate. When you build a business and your business begins to generate cash flow, then you can invest in other businesses and assets such as real estate, stocks, etc. Apart from the financial leverage your business offers, you can leverage its brand in the acquisition of assets. Brand leverage is the reason McDonalds' own the most expensive real estate properties in the world.
Lastly, you can leverage the competence, intelligence and professionalism of your business team to reduce your investment risk. Investing with a team will also put you ahead of individuals who try to invest alone. So whether you are interested in investing in stocks, real estate, commodities, precious metals or business startups; first invest in building your own business because it pays in the long run. Please consult your financial adviser, CPA or tax strategist to get advice on the best possible ways to take advantage of the tax loopholes in business.
And just before I drop my pen, if you need Expert Investment Advice on How to Start Investing in stocks, real estate, commodities, etc; please feel free to visit our blog. We also provide free tips and strategies on Investing for Beginners.

Real Estate - The Most Reliable Way to Get Rich and Stay Rich

Investing in real estate, with the right information, is a very sound and highly profitable way of putting your money to work. You can see and control what your money is doing.
In real estate investing, virtually all factors that will affect your investment can be examined ahead of time, meaning that your own efforts and intelligence will count heavily. It is financial intelligence, not money that makes you rich.
There are many reasons why this is a very reliable way to become rich and they are outlined below.
1 Inflation, which is a general rise in the prices of services and goods in a particular country resulting in a fall in the value of money, affects most businesses in recent times. With real estate, the adverse effects of inflation are reduced. This is because rents and property values tend to keep rising.
2 Tax Advantages is also a great benefit. With most rental properties for example, the original and little investment (even when it was not convenient) pays itself back over and over again- tax free.
3 Though properties can be damaged by natural or man made disasters or even from ageing by itself, it is still about the safest investment in the world. It can neither be stolen nor carried away. It is also insurable against such risks as natural disasters.
It is important to know however, that real estate investment also includes buying raw land but while you invest in real estate, you speculate in land.
4 There are different activities involved with real estate, and these increase by the year. Some invest just to have it as an inflation hedge, while others include it in their retirement planning which may involve buying an apartment building for income, and living in one unit while they keep the other parts for the income and profits. Most investors are in it mainly for its profits. In other words,it is an excellent investment and retirement strategy for millions of people worldwide.
It is important that a potential investor gets all the right information before he starts to invest.

Home Loan Confusion Continues

Unfortunately, most Americans still do not understand how home loans work and how to take advantage of the wide array of programs available. The way I see it, people are still confused about mortgages in general and real estate finance, in particular.
Just last week, a friend of mine told me he was buying a house. He was pre-approved for a loan, he said, and I was very happy for him. You see, he is young, just 25, and he is embarking on the American Dream of home ownership. So, I asked him about the type of mortgage he was getting. He said, "I don't know. I was just approved, and I haven't even signed any papers, yet."
He did have the house picked out, though.
Although it is all too typical of a response, I found myself still surprised that my friend didn't know anything about the loan he was being pre-approved for. As another acquaintance recently pointed out, the right loan program can make hundreds of dollars of difference in your monthly payment. This person will save $6,048 this year using an adjustable rate mortgage over that pesky fixed rate that so many people desire.
For some reason, home loan confusion continues to run rampant in America. Most likely because the average American is ignorant of how mortgages work. This is not an attack on American's intelligence. It's okay to be ignorant; it is not, however, okay to remain that way, when you know you are entering a complex financial transaction.
Avoid this problem. Educate yourself. Learn all you need to know about real estate finance with the wealth-building system, Winning the Mortgage Game.

Commercial Real Estate - What's the Value and What's the Price?

If you are a Real Estate Agent, there is a big difference between putting a price on a property versus formally valuing it. These two processes can give you entirely different figures for the same property at the same time.
In simple terms the pricing of a property reflects the current market trends and the potential of making a sale. This may only have minor relevance to the actual value of the land and improvements. You would normally price a property to take the property to market for a sale. The price is adjusted given the positive and negative aspects of the property.
Valuing a property is however a complex process of calculating the replacement value of the improvements, adjusting that figure relative to age of the asset, and then adding that figure to the value of the land in today's market. The overall figure is then adjusted given the desirability of the property, and the income factors coming from and generated by the property. A formal property valuation will cost money and will take days if not weeks to prepare (depending on property type).
So what figure is correct? They both are and it just depends what you want to do with the property. If it is a formal and accurate valuation that you need then a well-qualified and certified property valuer is essential to the task (not a general real estate agent). If you want to sell a property, then a good Real Estate Agent is the requirement. In either case, the experience of the selected person to do the task is essential.
In some circumstances the client may need to get a formal valuation before they see a real estate agent to market the property for sale or lease. When working with complex and large properties, this is good practice in preparation for the sale. The client thereby has a good understanding of the market before they move to the point of sale.
There are many reasons to value a property formally. Some of them are:
  1. To obtain new mortgage finance from a bank or financier
  2. To extend existing finance availability
  3. To assess the potential of selling the property today
  4. To consider an expansion of the lettable area of the property
  5. To redevelop or change the property and its use
  6. To assess the income potential for future tenant mix changes
  7. To prepare for a challenge to the ratings notices from the local council
  8. To transact a change of the ownership structure
  9. To prepare for the annual property business plan
  10. To arbitrate on a rental dispute with tenants in the property
These are the main reasons for a property valuation. Importantly the property valuer that is to do the valuation must have sound and significant knowledge of the type of property and the local property market. Interestingly many a property valuer will get much of their market intelligence from real estate agents.
So when someone wants a property priced or valued it is important to know why they want it done and then the correct decision can be made as to who should do the work.
John Highman is an expert real estate speaker and coach that helps Real Estate Agents globally to improve their property business, market share, listings, and commissions. John is a successful real estate agent himself and has been so for over 30+ years.